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10 stages to having the keys to your bespoke custom designed home

Stage 1 - Discovery Meeting

Discovery meeting with Directors Adam Begbie & James Bentham at our Design & Build Studio 283. In this meeting we will talk about your lifestyle, your must haves and your, love to haves, best use of your land and construction ball park costings.

We will also discuss our process commencing from initial Concept design all the way through to handover of your home including our guaranteed system for Warranty items after you have moved in.

Stage 2 - Concept Design & Estimation

Meet our Building designer either on your site or at Studio 283, we will discuss your home in detail always keeping in mind your lifestyle and budget. 

Design Department begins your concept home designs;

Soil test undertaken to confirm soil conditions and enable our estimators to confirm footing design concepts.

Draft concept plans presented to yourselves at our Studio 283 building design office. We will discuss plans and specifications in depth. From this meeting we will make further changes to design if required.

Our estimating department now commences costing of design and specifications to arrive at a concept Estimate value.

Presentation of your concept plans & Estimate by Director Adam Begbie which will be presented in both hard copy and on our unique 24/7 online Project Management Portal.

Stage 3 - Preliminary Agreement

Further changes to both design and specifications are welcomed after presentation of Concept Drawings.

Design drawings are completed to “working drawing stage” to enable accurate guaranteed fixed price quotation.  Our estimation department works with engineers and suppliers to obtain the best guaranteed fixed pricing.

Director Adam Begbie will present your guaranteed fixed price quotation inclusive of fully detailed specifications and Working drawings. This presentation will be submitted in both hard copy and on our 24/7 online Project Management system.

Stage 4 - Contract Stage

Queensland Master Builders Residential contracts are drawn up along with confirmed specifications , contract plans and engineering. These contracts are delivered to your home to read at you leisure before signing off in Studio 283.

Stage 5 - Council Approval & Selection Process

Your home is lodged to certifiers for approval.
The selection process takes place during the council approval stage with our Fully Qualified Interior Designer helping you along the way.

Stage 6 - Construction

We guarantee to commence your home within 10 days of all approvals in place and will also advise a guaranteed completion date for your home.

Stage 7 - Practical Completion

Our Site Manager/Supervisor, will make contact with you to meet on site for a final inspection of the works when we reach Practical Completion of your home.

Stage 8 - Handover

There are couple of documents that you are required to sign at the time of handover.

They are:

  1. Receipt that we have provided you with the New Home Owners Maintenance Guide booklet
  2. Receipt that we have given you the Termite protection warranty documentation
  3. Completion Document/certificate
  4. You will receive the keys to your Brand New Home

Stage 9 - Moving In

It's time to celebrate your new home with family and friends.

Stage 10 - After Sales

At handover we issued you a 12 month minor maintenance certificate enabling you to provide us with a list of any minor maintenance items you have concerns about, prior to the expiry of this period.

If, within the first 4 months you discover sticking doors or cupboards requiring adjustments, we understand that these can be frustrating to live with for 12 months, so, if you have a list of items at 4 months, we will then make arrangements to view the items and or arrange trades for repairs etc as required.