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Guide to Designing a New Home

Guide to Design - New House Build Ormiston James discussed a project starting in Ormiston overlooking Moreton Bay and provides some tips on what to consider when designing a new home.

How Building a Custom Home May Actually Save You Money

Saving Money Building a Custom Home The idea of building a custom home comes with a number of misconceptions. Many people believe that it is way too expensive and hence, prefer buying homes that have...

Should I rent or should I buy my home?

Renting Vs Buying Buying a home is the ultimate dream for many people. Of course, why shouldn’t it be? Once you buy a house, it is permanent. You don’t have to worry about the chaos of moving, and...

Why are Bespoke Homes in Demand Right Now?

Custom-made homes or bespoke homes are all the rage these days. Everyone in the real estate world is opting for houses with a certain value and personal taste. Therefore, these houses are being sold...

Top 5 Signs You Need to Change Your Tradesperson

Many homeowners get maintenance work done on their property every year. Whether it’s a clogged drain or a leaking ceiling, or a noisy air conditioner, they make it a routine to get a thorough...

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before Getting Started

Top 5 Questions to ask a Builder If you’re considering getting a new custom-built home for your family, it's only natural to have many questions. But when it comes to top questions to ask your...

It Is Better to Get a Custom Built Home to Last Your Tastes for Many Years

When thinking of moving to a new home, many homeowners are confused about buying an already built house or building a customised one that is exactly as per your taste. That's a fair concern. After...

500+ houses

Since 2002 we have designed & built over 500 custom homes across Brisbane Every house is unique, designed specifically for the block of land and the clients lifestyle

Effects of Wet Weather

How does wet weather affect your building project? in this short video Adam talks about the effects wet weather can have on your building contract and ultimately the time it takes to build your home.

Site Costs Tip

James' expert tip about how your site costs can blow out and what to avoid when building your new home