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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before Getting Started

Top 5 Questions to ask a Builder

If you’re considering getting a new custom-built home for your family, it's only natural to have many questions. But when it comes to top questions to ask your builder before getting started with the construction process, many people come up with the two popular questions

How long is it going to take?

How much will it cost?

While these two are critical considerations, there are many other questions you must ask your builder before getting started with the construction process, and this post highlights four such questions.

So let’s get started.


1. What Features are Included in the Construction Price?

As homeowners, you must start by asking what features are included in the construction price. Typically, builders charge a baseline which is the base price of the construction process. But they also offer enhanced features, and they charge a separate price for that.

Some of the high-end features may already be included in the base price, but you will have to pay separately if you are looking for more luxurious features.

By asking this question, you get an idea of the features offered to you when you pay the base price. Some of the features that usually come with baseline charges include plumbing, electrical wiring, countertops, tiled washrooms, and basic flooring. 


2. To What Extent Can I Customize My Home?

Another top question to ask your builder before getting started with the construction process is to what extent can I customize my house? You are going for a custom-built house, but even that doesn't give you the luxury to create your dream house. There is a practical aspect to the construction process that most homeowners may miss out on and end up in disappointment with the builder's design. So make sure you find out how much you can customize your home before you get started.


3. How Can a Homeowner Handle a Problem with the Home?

This is another critical question to ask your builder. Many construction companies offer a builder's warranty, but some may not. So why not ask this question and get started with a clear mind.


4.What is the Agreement Between the Builder and the Sub-Contractors?

Construction companies work with subcontractors who offer several facilities, and usually, a lot of delays in the construction process are due to unskilled or unprofessional subcontractors. Make sure you know the agreement between your builder and their subcontractors so you can complete the construction process well in time.

There may be a lot more questions that you as homeowners should ask your builder before getting started with the construction process, but these are some of the top questions that you shouldn't miss out on.

As homeowners getting a custom-built house, we want you to ask these questions and a lot more. At Begbie Bentham, our goal is to design and construct a home that is exactly the way you want. Get in touch with the team and find out the answers to all your questions.