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Top 5 Signs You Need to Change Your Tradesperson

Many homeowners get maintenance work done on their property every year. Whether it’s a clogged drain or a leaking ceiling, or a noisy air conditioner, they make it a routine to get a thorough inspection of their homes every year and get it fixed routinely.

Most of the time, homeowners call the same trusted tradesperson year after year to do the maintenance work, but if your old tradesperson has moved elsewhere or you’ve moved to a new neighbourhood, choosing the right tradesperson all over again can be quite nerve-wracking.

Sometimes, you end up hiring the wrong tradesperson who doesn’t know how to do their job right. If it’s your first time hiring a tradesperson, you may not know the signs that indicate that you’ve ended up hiring the wrong person.

Below are the top signs that indicate you need to change your tradesperson.

1.     No Accreditation

Accreditation is a sign of legitimacy. If an authentic organisation accredits the tradesperson, it shows that they’ve fulfilled all the requirements it takes to be deemed legitimate. It’s also proof that they’re skilled and trained to do the job. If a tradesperson isn’t accredited, you need to change them and look for one who’s accredited.

2.     No Insurance

It’s essential that a tradesperson has public liability insurance. Insurance will cover any losses or damage that occurs while the tradesperson is working at your property. The tradesperson won’t be able to walk away after causing damage and/or loss to you or your property and will have to cover for your losses. In case your tradesperson doesn’t have this insurance, you know what you’ve got to do!

3.     No Registered Business Address

If your tradesperson fails to provide you the address to their physical office, you need to look for a new one. You should never work with a tradesperson who doesn’t have a registered business address, as this will mean that you’ll have no place to go in case the work they do causes problems for you in the future.

4.     Prices too Good to be True

If a tradesperson is quoting prices that are too good to be true, the chances that they are just fooling you are high. If the prices that your tradesperson is quoting are surprisingly low, beware and change them because, in this case, you usually get what you pay for. If you get carried away with low rates, you may end up with a poorly-done job.

5.     Upfront Payment

If your tradesperson is asking for an upfront advance payment, don’t pay them anything and look for another one that looks more reliable and trustworthy. The right tradesperson always asks to be paid once the job is done. Upfront payment demands are usually red flags that you must never ignore.

It’s important to keep an eye out for red flags when hiring a tradesperson for any maintenance or repair work at your property. The wrong ones won’t miss a chance to deceive you, and the right ones would know how to win your trust. So, be careful who you hire to work at your property and know when you need to change your tradesperson. If you want to make your life easier, contact us for the best services at your disposal.