Building FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Below are some common building questions and answers that we have collated to provide you with more insight into what to expect when building a new home. 

Building a custom home in Australia is an enriching experience that empowers you to create a living space that truly reflects your personality and needs. With Begbie Bentham Design & Construct by your side, you can navigate the journey with confidence, knowing that our expertise and dedication will ensure your dream home becomes a reality. From concept to completion, we’re committed to making your custom home-building journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Your dream home awaits – let’s begin the journey together!  

If you have more questions then please contact us! We will be happy to help!

Begin by creating a wishlist that outlines your desired features and priorities.

The process of designing and pricing your new home involves many professionals, consultants and suppliers. We bring them all together to present you with a detailed plan, specification and price to build. This process can take 2-3 months depending on the level of complexity of your project. At the end of this time you will have a all the information you require to go onto the building stage.
We sure do! We can demolish an existing home for you or you can choose to do it yourself, the choice is yours making your knock down rebuild project a breeze!
Once we receive building approval we are usually on site within 2 weeks preparing for footings and slab. 
An average house can take between 8-14 months depending on the site conditions, size of your home & complexity of the design.
Our simple, Online Project Management System, lets you track the progress of your project with click of a button, or easily communicate with our team 24/7. You will be able to see your selections, talk to our team, view remaining payments for the project and many more. There will be multiple site visits to see progress and discuss anything with our design or building teams.

While some changes can be accommodated, it’s best to finalize the design before construction begins to avoid delays and additional costs.

Our team incorporates energy-efficient practices and materials into the design to ensure optimal energy performance.

Optimal orientation enhances natural light and energy efficiency, creating a comfortable and inviting living environment.

We are specialist custom design and construct builders so we work with you for the whole process. Our inhouse designers are extremely experienced and will help design your dream home. We use software to visualise your design and allow you to walk through your home at any stage of the design process. Cant read plans! No problems! This process will immerse you in your home so you will know how the finished building will look.
This is a challenging question! All homes, particularly custom designed homes vary in price. Our aim is to design a home that fits into your budget, that’s why our process is very detailed. At multiple points along the design process we will develop an estimate that will list all the inclusions in your home and pricing. We then adjust either the plan or specifications as needed until you are happy with the initial estimate. Then we proceed to the next stage to get detailed quotes, once that is done we are able to give you a proposal that will be extremely detailed and suitable to prepare building contracts from.
As we are Custom Home Builders Brisbane , you are able to choose from any tap, tile or appliance as long as it is of a high quality. Our interior designer and suppliers will help you with those selections. 
Apart from the main structure we can also include swimming pools, landscaping, paths and retaining walls, driveway and security systems and blinds if needed. The process is flexible so you can choose what to include and what not to outside of the main construction.

Our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and personalized approach distinguish us as leaders in the custom home building industry.

Yes, we offer design assistance and can guide you in selecting finishes and decor that align with your home’s overall aesthetic.

The right designer can turn your vision into reality, so it’s crucial to collaborate with experienced professionals. Budget also plays a major part in the design process. Working with our team to Design & Construct ensures all your needs are met.