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Interior Design

Our fully qualified Interior Designer with work with yourself and our in house designers to achieve your own Individual Style of home from Hampton's to Palm Springs to Contemporary to Modern.

Internal fixtures & fitting selections will be a breeze, as our Interior designer is on trend and up to date with the latest products.

Now, more than ever your homes are becoming your most important place.

For your family to live and grow in, and increasingly, our place of work, entertainment and relaxation. At Begbie and Bentham, we’re here to help you navigate the design and build processes involved in creating your customised sanctuary, and it all starts with good design.

Purpose & Functionality

When designing the interiors of your new home, think about the purpose and functionality of each space, especially when working with your architect and interior designer at the design phase of your build.

Ask what will you be doing there, how will you move through the space and access each area within the room, what is the purpose of the room, how many people will be using it at any given time, how much storage will you need, do you need extra lighting or windows, what direction does the room face in relation to sunlight, how can you minimise noise, what are the ages of the people using the spaces, how long do you intend to live here?

Combined, the issues of purpose and functionality can make a big impact on the overall liveability of a space. Your interior designer is here to ask you these and many other questions, to help design an interior that suits your family’s lifestyle now and into the future.


When considering lighting, keep in mind it has to work hard, be energy efficient and serve multiple purposes. Every room needs a good lighting plan to suit the purpose of the area. Talking with your interior designer and lighting specialist about a lighting plan is great way to plan your lighting scheme.

We recommend layering lighting at different heights to create a balanced lighting scheme, and choosing a combination of task, ambient and accent lighting to enhance the features and functionality of any room.

Task lighting is for work areas, so add bright, directional task lighting to prep zones in your kitchen, under overhead cabinetry, around bathroom mirrors and in the home office.

Ambient lighting provides the general glow to a room and can be in the form of recessed downlights, pendants, floor lamps or table lamps. Ambient lighting works well with accent lighting to highlight artworks and architectural features with track lighting and wall sconces.

Colour & Texture

A big part of creating your ideal home is influenced by the colour and texture of the walls, floors, ceiling and even the roof gives clues to your style direction. A simple materials palette that carries through the whole house gives a sense of calm and colour can make a space seem larger or cosier, depending on what you choose and where it features. Exterior walls can be rendered, grained and smooth with timber laid in different directions to create points of interest across large expanses.

Our interior designer guides you through the whole process of choosing the colours and textures for your new home.


Whether you bring existing furniture into the new build or purchase new pieces, the furniture you choose should complement the overall design ‘story’ of the whole house. Our experienced interior designer can help with placement of furniture to ensure everything fits and flows together.

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