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Knock Down & Rebuild

Create modern, comfortable and efficient new home in an existing suburb with the benefits of established infrastructure, shopping, parks, schools is an amazing opportunity to live in an area you are already comfortable or if you are purchasing, an established area will give you an opportunity to value add to your property.

Often more cost efficient than renovating, a knock down rebuild lets you be more in control of unseen costs seen in renovation works. If you own the site already then savings from property transfers, stamp duty and agents fees are well worth the investment in a new home. 

We can assist in all aspects of your knock down rebuild project and have a professional team of consultants who can undertake:

  • Demolition
  • Town Planning
  • Surveying
  • Development Applications
  • Building Certification
  • Interior Designing

The Begbie Bentham Design & Construct team can manage your project from start to finish, from Demolition to Construction to Landscaping to Handover.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will it take to build my new home

A. Generally 6-12 months of course depending on the approval process and complexity of your home.


Q. Is it cheaper to renovate or knock down and rebuild a new home. 

A. If you are considering this option then your existing home doesn't suit your needs or is in need of serious renovations. If this is the case then renovations will have un-foreseen costs as there are hidden elements that may become an issue once uncovered. A renovation will also will either need items like electrical and plumbing upgrades all adding to costs. 


Q. Who will demolish my existing home

A. Begbie Bentham can demolish your existing home and prepare all the required approvals.


Q. Can I keep existing sheds or gardens for my knock down rebuild project?

A. If they don’t interfere with the new works then yes it should be possible.


The team at Begbie Bentham Design & Construct can guide you through the process of determining if you home can be demolished and the viability of renovating versus knock down rebuild. Talk to us today!

Before -  East Brisbane

After - East Brisbane

Before - Wellington Point

After - Wellington Point

Before -  Camp Hill

After - Camp Hill

Before - Camp Hill

After -  Camp Hill

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