Palm Springs Inspired Home

This Palm Springs Inspired home hosts many unique and classic elements such as breezeway blocks, bright-coloured entry door & wall tiling.
Camp Hill


Project Brief

This Palm Springs Inspired home stands as a beacon of unique design and creative vision. Characterized by distinctive features and vibrant colours, the home’s exterior and interior elements come together to create an ambiance that is both refreshing and captivating. Begbie Bentham Design & Construct, renowned for their expertise in turning dreams into reality, proudly presents a masterpiece that exudes the essence of modern living with a dash of Palm Springs charm.

The façade of the Palm Springs Inspired home is a blend of textures and tones that immediately catch the eye. Face brickwork, lightweight cladding, and breezeway blocks seamlessly merge to create an external profile that is both striking and harmonious. The play of black and white accents against the façade lends a timeless and classic appeal. And who could miss the bold and vibrant statement of a bright yellow front door, serving as an inviting introduction to what lies beyond.

As you step inside, the home unfolds with an array of unique features that contribute to its charm. Picture niches along the hallway add an element of artistry, while a strategically placed courtyard bathes the central living spaces with natural light and refreshing breezes. The staircase leading upstairs not only serves its functional purpose but also doubles as a feature seat/display area, elevating the design to new heights.

Innovative design choices that merge with functionality are the heart of this home. A sunken lounge effortlessly embraces the original slope of the land, creating a dual effect of a cosy sitting area and a higher ceiling in the living space. The fluidity of the design continues as the kitchen, meals, and living area seamlessly extend to an alfresco space and a plungie pool adorned with captivating feature tiling, creating an oasis of relaxation and luxury.

Every corner of this home tells a story of creativity and uniqueness, and the bathrooms are no exception. Each bathroom boasts a distinct personality, brought to life through unique tiling and vibrant colours. From the rosy elegance of the master ensuite’s pink tiles to the lively palettes of yellow and green in other areas, each bathroom is a testament to the homeowners’ willingness to embrace colour and individuality.

This Palm Springs Inspired home is more than just a house; it’s a work of art that harmonizes with its surroundings. Its unique style is not only refreshing but also seamlessly blends with the land it rests on. Begbie Bentham Design & Construct, with their expertise in knock-down rebuild projects, brought this dream to life, showcasing their dedication to creating spaces that stand apart.


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The external of the home has face brickwork, lightweight cladding, and breezeway blocks with a black and white tone. A bright yellow front door highlights the entry area of the home.
Once inside there are picture niches along the hallway, and a courtyard mid-way down the house provides light and breeze into the centre of the home.

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This Palm Springs Inspired home hosts many unique and classic elements such as breezeway blocks, bright-coloured entry door & wall tiling.
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